Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Counting Calories

My 4 yr old refused to move away from under the table. I finally said, "Mmmm...brownies." She squealed with delight, scurried out and nearly knocked over the table.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teddy's Thoughts: A Compilation

April 12, 2011
My 6 yr old asked if we could go to my mom's condo. I tried to explain the concept of rent to Teddy by saying that Lola doesn't live there anymore because she was lending it to someone so she can get money. "No way, for real, Lola?!" he said, looking disturbed, he turned to his lola and said, "We have an extra room in the house, Lola. You can move in with us."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Golf-themed Birthday Party

My bunso's 1st birthday party is coming up and I'm trying to come up with a party that everyone, including adults, can enjoy. I've narrowed my theme down to Mini-golf and after searching high and low, I've found a company that rents out mini-golf courses. The company is called Adventure Golf. The price is a bit steep so I'm re-thinking my party theme. But my mouth is drooling for this setup!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Looking for ideas for your kid's birthday? Why not try an Angry Birds Birthday Party!
My 6 year old son loves this game and asked for this theme.
I didn't really want a big party (nor did I plan to spend a whole lot. haha!) so I did most of the activities myself. For those things I couldn't do on my own, I hired experts to do them for me.

Here's what I did.
Below is the video invitation using
I downloaded the mp3 of the game from a site which I googled.
Video Invitation (A cheap and a great way to save the trees, I say!)

The Costume
Of course I had to include a costume, after all, that's what my business is all about! Here's the Red Bird costume the celebrant was suppose to wear which I completely forgot about! (Luckily, my daughter was able to use it for her nursery graduation program.)

Angry Birds Cake
Here's the fondant cake by Little Miss OC's Kitchen. I discovered her from Mercato Central. It's the same person who makes the Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies cupcakes. The brown fondant was chocolate flavored and tasted like chocolate fudge. I'm not fond of fondant but this tasted exceptionally good!

We have a cereal dispenser in the kitchen. I incorporated it into the party by placing a sign that said "Bird Feed". I filled it with Cap'n Crunch which had a couple of colored pieces. I think it added a nice touch to the party =)

Balloon Decorations
I found a parent who posted the Angry Bird template on the internet. She had a lot of great ideas for this theme. (Big shout out to The Party Planner  for the ideas!) All you need are colored balloons, an airpump (if you plan to make a lot), tape, scissors, a pc and an printer. I made the mistake of putting them on sticks. Our party was outdoors and they kept flying off because it was such a windy day. I suggest using string for outdoors.

Revenge of the Pigs
Of course, what's a party without games, right? My son had traffic cones lying around. I decorated them to look like red angry birds using art paper. I also found a green ball in his pile of stuff. I also cut out some piggy parts and stuck them on the ball using tape.

Pig Knockdown
I made these pigs using toilet paper rolls. Thanks to my biz partner, Mimi, for the suggestion!

(Sorry. I can't seem to make this picture vertical.)
Dart Board
I'll have to admit I was running out of ideas. I just purchased this inexpensive dartboard and pasted a bird on it to make it seem like it still follows the theme. I also bought small slingshots which they can use on this board.

Egg Hunt
I purchased a couple of plastic eggs from a local toy store and filled them up with candies. I then scattered them all around the playground for the kids to find.

Giant Slingshot
I attached a garter to an old swing. The kids used beach balls on the slingshot to try to knock down some old boxes I wrapped in colored paper. Sadly, the wind was against me. It knocked down the boxes, even before the kids could launch the ball.

I let the kids wear Angry Bird and Pig hats.
These little girls look so adorable! =)

Well, there you go! It was a simple party but my son had such a great time!
Special thanks to Daddy Jing Gines who took most of these pictures!